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Western Chikankari Tops, Skirts, Tunics, Kurta

Chikankari is an art and it is mostly done near Lucknow and near around 100 km spread . There are close to 300,000 artisans are attached to this profession. Typically, Chikankari ( Lucknowi Chikan) mostly famous in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This art was center point of these 3 countries only. but now it has wings thanks to NRIs and Globalization. In western world, Chikankari has also made a mark with lot of exporters form India started selling chikankari embroidery to USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), Singapore and Australia. But the choice is a bit different. In western world, the taste is different but chikankari embroidery is same. Here are couple of western wear chikankari tops, Tunics and Skirts. One such exporter is Dress365days.