Process of Chikankari - Lucknowi Hand Embroidery

Chikankari Hand Embroidery
Chikankari Hand Embroidery
Chikankari ( Lucknowi Chikan hand embroidery) is a elegant and beautiful hand embroidery on a variety of textile fabric like Cotton, Georgette, silk, chiffon, organza, net etc. it has been  practiced from last 400 years and it became a tradition. Over a period of time, it has evolved and became a commercial activity and giving employment to many artisans. It Started with White thread embroidered on cool, pastel shades of light muslin and cotton garments. But currently chikan embroidery is also done with coloured and silk threads in different colours to meet the recent fashion trends and keep chikankari trendy with fashion. Western Wear Chikan embroidery are well in Fashion. Lucknow is the heart of the Chikankari industry today (Lucknowi chikan).

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Process of Chikankari

Cutting : The tailor cuts the fabric into the required shape

Stitching: Then a quick running stitch is done to give the block printer an idea of the placement of the designs to be printed.

Printing: The designs are printed on the semi-stitched garment with blocks using fugitive colors. The cloth to be printed is spread out on the table. Then, the printer dabs the block on the tray of color and places it on the fabric, banging it with his fist. He repeats the process as he moves along the fabric
Embroidery: The embroidery is done on the printed designs. Different people specializing in different kinds of stitching contribute to the finished embroidery.

Washing : This is very important. After the garment goes through the preceding steps it becomes so dirty that the finer flaws are not seen unless it is washed.

Finishing: Clipping extra threads, fixing any flaws, and putting finishing touches on garments are some of the final steps.

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Product categories made with Chikankari :Garments


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